EMT Technology

World Leading Dash Cam Technology

0.7 sec. booting and recording time which is the world best and fastest

Having a variety of dash cam patents on video footage saving and management (Format Free)
(Patent No. 10-1406841, 1553237, 1736788, 1736789)

Detecting algorithm on spoliation of the saved video files
(KS certificates)

Battery saving and recording technology on parking mode
(Patent No. 10-1750691)

In house development for a variety of ADAS features

Tracking and driving management technology based on GPS

Core and Fusion Technology for Radar Signal Processing

5 different band RF (GPS, X, K, VHF, WiFi) integration knowhow

Patch and Horn Antenna Technology

DSP technology for Radar Signal

Technology of K Band Signature

Detecting technology for wrong radar signals.

Server management technology based on GIS through the information from GPS/WiFi/MAP

OBD2 managing and control technology

Development of Multi function products (COMBO)

Launched world first COMBO product, consist of Car Dash Cam and Radar Detector (Russia / 2013)

Launched world first COMBO product, consist of Car Dash Cam and Patch Antenna based Radar Detector (Russia / 2015)

Launched world first radar signature COMBO (Russia / 2017)

Launched the first COMBO product in Japan (2017)

New technologies for Future

Developing a variety of Radar Antenna and technology for preventing the wrong warning signals

ADAS features based on A.I.(Artificial Intelligence)

Developing Smart Camera and DMS(Driver Monitoring System)

IoT Techology